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crochet mandala
crochet mandala

Crochet Starflower Mandala

I love to crochet mandalas, the colors, the flow, I think it’s so inspirational. I really enjoyed crocheting this mandala, once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. It was actually challenging for me and that made it even more fun. One of the things that really occupied me before I started my crochet mandala was the color. As you can see the colors here have a major effect. My original plan was to choose the colors carefully but I had  a limited yarn stash at the time and I was eager to start working on my crochet mandala. So I used whatever I had and what can I say? This pattern is so amazing, it will look good in any color! The writer of the mandala starflower is the talented Zelna Olivier. Keep reading and find the link to her blog below.

The yarn used for this pattern is DK yarn, it’s a worsted light yarn and I love using it, not just to crochet mandalas but also for clothing and hats. I’ts very soft and comfortable to work with as it just glides on my hook smoothly. The selection of colors for DK yarn is endless and that is another reason why it’s my favorite yarn.

The crochet starflower mandala took me a few evenings to finish, once it was done I attached it to a hula hoop. Later on I found the metal macrame ring, in the future when I make another mandala I will use the ring.
Yarn: DK yarn. I used acrylic yarn but you can also use cotton. Click here to see the DK yarn I’m using 
Hook: 4mm Crochet Hook
– Large Tapestry Needle

  • Scissors
  • hula hoop or metal macrame ring ( about 24 inches diameter )

Level: Intermediate 

Click here for the crochet starflower mandala pattern by zootyowlcards

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